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Welcome to St. Pius X Catholic High School!



These are some of the qualities that the students and faculty exhibit at St. Pius X Catholic High School.  Our students are outstanding in every way.  Many visitors comment that we have a unique environment that feels like family.... like coming home!

St. Pius students care about each other, their school, their teachers, and their community.  Our Motto is DOMINI SUMUS - We Are the Lord's.  This is not something written on our walls but is evident every day in the hearts of our families.  It is felt on  the stage, on the playing fields, in the classroom and in the Chapel.  The Gifts of the Holy Spirit are at the core of all we are - Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, Counsel, Fortitude, Piety and Faith in the Lord. 


Please take the time to view the video, Domini Sumus, which was written and produced by two St. Pius X students, Frank Martin and Grayson Holt, during their junior year of high school.  We hope that you enjoy it!