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Elective Online Registration and Course Registration Timeline

Nov 15

Applications for the Film, Holocaust, and Visual Arts classes are available.
Department Request Forms for core classes are distributed.

Dec 13

Applications are DUE for the Film, Holocaust, and Visual Arts classes.

 Feb. 20*

  Feb. 20-Mar. 3

  Feb. 21 & 24                      

  Feb. 26th

Feb. 20- Mar. 28    


 April 14*              

  April 21                  

April 29-May 1      

May - June *          

July 1-13                

July 18**                   


 Process and options presented to students

 Elective course registration

Sign up for electives with Teacher Recommendation required in Library starting at 7:15 am – 8:30am on the 21st and 7:15 am – 8am on the 24th

 All elective Teacher Recommendations due

Parent/student course concerns accepted

Incoming ninth grade class placement

Department Chair changes for current students ends

All day Incoming 9th  grade Placement

Incoming ninth grade registration

Master schedule compiled and conflicts resolved

Preliminary schedules posted on line - errors and conflicts resolved

Final schedules                       


** These are final schedules and the Academics Office will not process schedule changes after this date.  A new copy of the student schedule will be provided during Orientation in August.

St. Pius X offers a variety of AP courses for rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors, but students in English, Social Studies, Science, Fine Arts, and Foreign Language must apply by December 13 and meet qualifications for each course.  While qualifications differ from department to department, students are generally expected to achieve high grades in previous department courses, high PSAT scores, and students should be willing to commit at least one hour a night to coursework for each AP class.  Students not placed in these classes by February 20 may send a written request for a placement reevaluation to the Department Chair.  The deadline for these written requests is March 28.  Department Chairs will notify parents about AP Placement after spring break.  Freshmen will be taking their first Social Studies class in the 10th grade.  Parents with questions about placement should contact the Social Studies Department Chair, Ms. Kristin Kramer at kkramer@spx.org.

All upperclassmen register for courses in February and incoming ninth grade students register in April.  Preliminary schedules will be available online in July with instructions to review for any errors or to request appropriate changes.  Once the school year has started it is not appropriate to change electives or drop a one semester elective course for a study hall or an unassigned period.

Students are expected to take any full year course (those labeled Y) for the full year whether the course is required or is an elective.  It is not acceptable to drop the course at the semester except in extraordinary circumstances.